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I offer a professional guiding and instruction service, specialising in personal guided climbing and trad climbing skills courses on the sea-cliffs of Cornwall. The wild & wonderful coastline of southwest England offers some of the best traditional sea-cliff climbing in the UK, if not the world and, as such, it is of major importance for this type of climbing.

Everybody's experience, needs and ambitions are different, so I tailor your time with me to suit you and to give you the best experience possible. The sort of climbing activities I can offer are described below. I provide all the climbing equipment, except climbing shoes (if you are new to climbing, then trainers usually suffice). Venues will be specifically chosen to suit your needs, abilities and ambition. I can either meet you there, or at a predetermined location. As I prefer to retain the personal touch, I don't offer online booking, so you can either contact me via my mobile, or by clicking on the button below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Rock Climbing Cornwall


A guided climb is a perfect way to experience the best rock climbs Cornwall has to offer. Especially suited to those who have never been rock climbing before or, for more-experienced climbers who are on holiday and want to bag the route that's been on their "tick list" for a while! It is also a great way of climbing harder routes so that you can gain extra confidence and break through a grade barrier or for those who are venturing from indoor to outdoor climbing and want the reassurance of an expert at hand.

Rock Climbing Cornwall


Designed for climbers who have some experience of climbing on indoor walls and would like to gain the skills and experience needed to start climbing outside safely. This includes guidebook interpretation, building safe anchors, managing ropes, organising belays, using climbing hardware to protect climbs and descending/retreating from climbs.

Rock Climbing Cornwall


Ideal for those with little or no climbing experience who want to learn the key skills needed to start climbing safely, such as belaying and abseiling. This will give you a solid base of techniques to build on after the course has finished. I will also help you appreciate and understand potential objective dangers, safety systems and the correct use of your climbing equipment - in this way you will learn how to climb safely right from the start!

Rock Climbing Cornwall


Perhaps the biggest step in anyone's climbing career and requires more commitment, more skills and involves greater risk, but the rewards are worth it! We’ll look at placing gear, setting up belays, abseiling , learning what to do when things go wrong and much more whilst getting on some great climbs in Cornwall and having loads of fun! Some previous climbing experience necessary. 

rock climbing Cornwall


While learning some rope techniques will be an important part of every course, an important thing for all climbers to consider is how they could become more self sufficient when there are problems to deal with. It may be a simple and commonly occurring problem or something more complex. Some time spent focussing on these things will provide you with a number of techniques that will make you more able to look after yourself and your climbing partners in challenging situations.

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