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With a lifetime's experience of mountaineering and climbing to draw from, I can deliver multimedia talks to educate, entertain and inspire people of all ages. These will be based on my own personal experiences, from humble beginnings as a teenager undergoing Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions and discovering UK rock climbing, to epics on big alpine faces, ascents of remote granite monoliths and Himalayan giants. If needed, I can tailor the talk to include specific topics, or elements of the National Curriculum.

Current talk subjects include:

Rock Climbing Cornwall

My Climbing Life

Rock Climbing Cornwall

Glorious Granite

Rock Climbing Cornwall

The Lotus Flower Tower

Rock Climbing Cornwall

Ama Dablam & Everest


I am available to act as Technical Adviser to those companies/organisations that require a named Technical Adviser to meet their AALS and HSE obligations. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

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