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BMC Funding for Climbing/Mountaineering Clubs

I have just received an email from the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) about financial support for BMC-affiliated climbing/mountaineering clubs to help develop communications, buy equipment and provide instructor support to members.  This year there is a total of £23,250 available, so, if you are a member of a BMC club, then it might be worth your while checking out the details and applying, as your club might get that support that its looking for....
The BMC have allocated £11,250 for instructor support for clubs.  This funding enables clubs to employ professional instructors to provide training to novice members – so to support the club in being able to welcome novices.
If you are thinking this may be of benefit to some of your members, then get in touch with me. As a holder of the Mountaineering Instructor Award and member of both the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and Mountain Leader Training Board, I am able to carry out this training for you.
Good Luck with your application!
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